Our Commitment to Food StuffOur Commitment to Food Stuff

Our motto of freshness and local production and consumption
Every day distribution of seasonal fresh fish from the bay of Sakaiminato!

We start out the morning with a careful selection and purchase of fresh and tasty fish in the Sakaiminato Fish Market.

The market is located near by Sakaiminato, one of the famous ports and harbors boasting of high fish haul in Japan and while fresh fish and shellfish are available directly from the costal waters of Sakaiminato in the Sea of Japan, we could come from a variety of fresh fish from the Pacific Ocean and the Inland Sea of Seto.

Every morning we select fish mostly and locally from Sakaiminato by checking its freshness carefully with our experienced eyes.

We'd like all of you to try and enjoy the real taste of Sushi and we will be happy to hear you say," Taste Good! Come back again."

Our Commitment to Food Stuff