Order Sushi easily just with a touch panel.Order Sushi easily just with a touch panel.

Ever since the opening in 2005, " Touch Panel with Voice function" has been in service for establishing the order entry system.

This is the system affirmed as (ACT No.1445) 2005 Authorized for Small and Medium Enterprises Management Innovation.

We developed a system centered on a theme which checks if customers behave as follows, " Make orders as correctly as possible", " Order as fast as possible"," Easy Accessibility to Anyone".

IPad took over the other terminals on Sakaiminato shop in Nov, 2010 and at Hiezu shop in Nov, 2011. Touch panels are large enough to enjoy ordering sushi just like playing games, which can make the selections of more than 90 kinds of sushi and other 75 items in the menu.

If the delivery of ordered item takes a long time, the history of ordering is available just by touching the panel screen.
"Call Staff" button is also available but We do not recommend you to use ones.

If you are full, just push "Settlement" button for payment.
We developed this system under the concept, " Shop for Customers First".

Full of customers, No seats available!! But you do not have to worry about assigning seats for next customers because "Seat Control Terminal" will tell you easily the availability and show them the seats as fast as possible.