Our Commitment to RiceOur Commitment to Rice

Seeking rice with "Safer" and " Tastes Better".

The rice brand of "Asahimai" 100%" for Sushi of Tairyomaru has been evaluated highly as a specified blend of Sushi for a long time and each piece of rice is larger. The more you chew them, the tastier they become. The brand is similar to "Koshihikari" and we have product field contracts with rice makers in Okayama pref.

When we cook rice, we use the ones polished on the spot. We make them rinse thoroughly. For cooking rice, we use electrolytic alkaline ion water.
Without any additives for the mixture of vinegar and other flavoring, putting natural kelp in rice vinegar will produce the flavor.

Keep the ready to eat Sushi rice at the appropriate temperature in a heat adjustable box to be able to serve you the best quality of rice.

Eating Sushi makes you healthy! You'll find something outstanding in Tairyomaru rice!

Our vinegar for Sushi comes from the special blended mixture of non-additive rice vinegar and kelp essence.

The vinegar with good quality is not only used for flavorings but also works effective for various physical conditions such as overweight prevention and getting rid of fat, stress and maintaining your beauty. It is said that the good vinegar also helps create your blood stream smooth and refresh it and further more regulate your intestinal function.

Sushi is tasty and good for your body! Eat Sushi for making yourself healthier!

Our Commitment to Rice